Sky Light

Sky light is a different usage of the day natural light that provides effective internal lighting .It is an opening in the roof surface which can be made of stainless steel, Aluminum or glass with a transparent or translucent material. It usually consists of a steel structure with aluminum cladding or steel structure with spider glazing or may be as a combination of both.rnAlso, it gives an interesting feature in increasing building market values by giving aesthetic look to the building as an architectural feature, through specifying both of the lighting control and shading strategy. The shapes of sky lights can be used as a straight or curve-shaped as it is considered as a distinctive architectural advantage.rnFor safety purpose, we use the laminated glass in the fabrication process as it is assembly consisting of two plies of glass which are bonded together by an interlayer material. It is more durable, weather resistant and minimizes the risk of glass breakage, which assures the glass protection.

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