Bi-Fold Windows

Multi-Fold Windows SuiternrnrnMulti-Fold Windows Suite combines full sized commercial perimeter framing with specially designed commercial windows stiles to achieve an attractive, functional alternative to traditional windows units. The Multi-Fold Windows Suite features a unique weather sealing arrangement to keep the elements on the outside. By simply reversing the perimeter framing extrusions, Multi-Fold Windows Suite can be configured for either inward or outward stacking of wondows leaves.rnrn rnrnMulti-Fold Windows Suite utilises the innovative Centor Products eclipse e2 range of hardware. These quality fittings allow Multi-Fold Windows Suite to be adjusted in-situ to ensure smooth operation.rnrn rnrnThe Hawkesbury Multi-Fold Windows Suite can be fitted with industry standard locks and accessories, all available from the ALSPEC HARDWARE range. When installed in conjunction with flush bolts and a mortice lock, The Hawkesbury Multi-Fold Windows Suite offers a secure, flexible design, ideal for both commercial and domestic installations.

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